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As with most countries, applying for a Sri Lanka Visa can be a bit complicated due to the ever-changing coronavirus/COVID-19 prevention measures*. Especially if one or all of your customers are unvaccinated. But it is not as bad as it sounds, if you book with us everyone can enjoy tailor-madeSri Lanka experiences with a minimum of fuss.

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Sri Lanka is an exotic destination in the Indian Ocean full of culture, nature and wildlife. With their beautiful smiles, the locals are some of the friendliest people in the world.

Diverse Sri Lanka offers very different types of holidays, depending on your customers' preferences. By dividing the number of destinations, they can experience a beach holiday, a sightseeing holiday, a wildlife safari and/or an adventure hiking holiday - all packed into one or two incredible weeks.

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The main reasons to choose Sri Lanka as holiday destination for your customers:

  • Beaches
    With 1,340km of tropical coastline, Sri Lanka offers beautiful, white sand beaches that easily match The Maldives as a beach/water-sports destination
  • Culture
    Sri Lanka is one of the few countries with such rich cultural diversity. Sri Lankan culture has many customs and rituals which have been handed down from generation to generation for more than 2000 years
  • Wildlife
    Sri Lanka is one of the finest wildlife watching countries in South Asia. The island may be small in size but the variety of wildlife found there would do justice to a country many times its size. Leopard, elephants, whales and birdlife are in abundance making Sri Lanka a wildlife lover's paradise
  • Nature
    Misty Rain Forests, lush Tea Plantations and the evergreen tropical vegetation of Sri Lanka fascinates every traveler and offers something for everyone - ranging from hiking, trekking and mountain bike tours to the more comfortable nature excursions as part of a private Sri Lanka round tour
  • Adventure/Activities
    Sri Lanka got it all - swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, water-skiing, kite surfing, white water rafting, hiking, cycling, hot air ballooning and excursions by Seaplane. To name a few...
  • Weather/Travel Season
    Sri Lanka is an all year round holiday destinationwith the West- and South Coast being favorite during the winter months and the East Coast providing perfect weather conditions in the summer

Sri Holidays is one of Sri Lanka's premier B2B supplier of online hotel bookings and inbound travel services to the tourism sector.

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With over 20 years of professional experience, SRI HOLIDAYS TRAVEL SERVICES ( PVT ) LTD. is one of Sri Lanka's leading B2B incoming travel specialists. Consistency of high quality services, the best products and services at competitive rates and utmost professionalism make us the first choice as Sri Lanka Travel Partner for travel agents worldwide. As trusted long-time partner and provider of high volume bookings for selected hotels and resorts, we can offer the most competitive rates. There is no limit on group sizes (01-99 PAX) and mostly offers can be provided for the accommodation categories Budget to Boutique / High End Luxury.
It's important to point out that we are not just an inbound agency, but a dedicated travel partner who knows how to make out of a good trip and an outstanding one.

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We not only communicate in English, German and French, but also maintain local 24/7 hotlines in these languages (native speakers) for your customers. Naturally Sri Holidays is fully licensed and registered with all Tourist Authorities in the countries we operate in and all our driver/guides do have the required local guiding permits.

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