The World Bank (WB) praised the public health service in Sri Lanka by saying that there are few if any other middle-income countries that have public health service like in Sri Lanka, simultaneously achieving strong health outcomes, good financial protection and low cost. While state hospitals provide 'free' medical services, have emergency care and are renowned to have the best doctors in the country, you won't get the same level of comfort as you would in a private hospital. Private hospitals can be found in all major cities and most will treat you on your International Health Insurance Policy. If you don't have an International Health Insurance Policy it's certainly worth to consider local health insurance (ask us) or 'self insurance' due to the significantly lower cost ratio than in the West.


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Sri Lanka is also becoming a destination for medical tourism by providing quality medical care at affordable price. Sri Lanka medical tourism has two main directives.

  • Ayurvedic Medical Service
  • Western Medical Service

Sri Lanka Ayurveda Service providers attract patients from Germany, Austria Italy and other countries, CIS region, Middle East and Eastern Asia such as Japan and China. Sri Lanka Private Medical service providers attract patients from almost all countries for dental care, cosmetic surgeries and other surgeries.

10 reasons why to
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We have compiled for you the 10 best reasons on why to retire to Sri Lanka. This, together with our Sri Lanka Experts' advice, will help your retirement planning.

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Sri Lanka
Country Information

Sri Lanka is an exotic destination in the Indian Ocean full of culture, nature and wildlife. With their beautiful smiles, the locals are some of the friendliest people in the world.

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